A hatha yoga class can be made gentle or challenging, depending on your needs and preferences. These classes are offered in some of Chiang Mai’s upscale hotels and resorts. Attending a hatha yoga session gives you the opportunity to unwind, release tension, and stretch. It’s a good counterpoint to cardio workouts and a busy lifestyle. Below are just 4 of the many benefits of this type of yoga.

  1. Eliminate toxins

The breathing techniques and postures in hatha yoga help purify your physical body. It can even help you lose undesirable cravings for sugar, drugs, smoke, or alcohol—which are caused by the toxins that have already accumulated in your body. Hatha yoga is great for rebalancing your system and curbing overeating and oversleeping, too.

  1. Build immunity

Your organs move around as you contract and stretch your muscles when coming in and out of yoga postures. This helps stimulate the drainage of lymph, thereby helping your lymphatic system destroy cancerous cells, fight infection, and eliminate waste.

  1. Relaxes your mind and body

By encouraging you to truly focus on your breathing, hatha yoga relaxes and calms the mind. The process of finding ease in a new or difficult pose also releases tension in your body.

  1. Tone your spine

Did you know that all of your nerves branch out from your spine? Your spine connects various organs to your brain. A rigid spine keeps impulses from flowing freely through your body, thereby weakening your internal organs and making them susceptible to diseases. Hatha yoga can help you keep your spine supple so that your nerves remain strong.

Like other types of yoga, hatha can also improve your overall flexibility. It increases the elasticity of your connective tissues, encapsulating them and networking them with your other organs. Hatha yoga likewise stimulates the autonomic nervous system, making it one of the most effective methods for increasing flexibility.