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5 Best Chiang Mai Luxury Hotels and Resorts for an Unforgettable Experience

The pastoral landscape surrounding the busy city of Chiang Mai attracts tourists from all over the world. Its lush green mountains and meandering rivers provide an unparalleled Thai experience. Locals often refer to Chiang Mai as Thailand's northern capital and after seeing how many shops, delicious restaurants, and exotic resorts the city boasts, you will understand [...]

7 Things to Do in Thailand That You Are Sure to Love

There is something magical about Chiang Mai. Vibrant local markets, majestic temples, and one-of-a-kind experiences make it one of the best places to find things to do in Thailand. Even if you only have twenty-four hours, the largest city in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, is worth the visit. Keep reading to find out the best ways [...]

5 Reasons Why You Deserve a Great Thailand Vacation

You're an adventurer. A visitor to far-off and magical places. And you're looking for your next great destination. A Thailand vacation might be exactly what you need. Thailand is a popular place to be. So popular, in fact, that over 35 million tourists - half the country's population - are visiting it this year alone. Why do [...]

8 Reasons to Stay at Luxury Resorts in Thailand

In 2016, more than 32 million tourists visited Thailand from all over the world. The country's popularity as a tourist destination is also growing as more people discover the unique and diverse travel experience that Thailand can offer. Beyond the popular spots and beautiful landscapes, there are many reasons to visit Thailand that are not as widely [...]

10 Fun Things to Do in Chiang Mai on your Thailand Vacation

Haven't been to Thailand yet? What are you waiting for? Over 30 million people visited the country last year for a reason. There's so much to do and see in and around Chiang Mai.  Whether you're an adventurous soul or you'd rather spend your Thailand vacation experiencing exotic luxury, there are things to do and see. Let's look at 10 fun [...]

Thailand Villa Rentals – Discover Fascinating Luxury Villas in Thailand

Are you looking for a fascinating place where you can stay during your holiday vacation in Thailand? You might therefore want to consider Thailand villa rentals offering suites in luxurious villas in Chiang Mai. You will discover the finest luxury villas located in world class resorts just north of the city.  They are also just [...]

Chiang Mai luxury resorts – Enjoy a New Kind of Vacation

Hooray for the chance to go on another vacation! Vacations are always welcome, aren’t they? So go ahead and treat yourself. Furthermore Chiang Mai luxury resorts let you take your vacation to a higher level. Experience the luxury of Lana Thai Villa. Chiang Mai If you are planning to go to Thailand, don’t forget to [...]

Advantages of Staying in a luxury villa Chiang Mai during Your Vacation

Vacations are special. You will need to take some care therefore when booking your accommodation. Consequently you should consider the advantages of booking an elegant villa. If you are planning to go to Thailand and you are still looking for a place to stay, consider staying at Lana Thai Villa's luxury villa Chiang Mai in [...]

Unique Healthy Vacations – Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat

Are you thinking of what fulfilling activities you can include in your Thailand vacation itinerary? Don’t forget to make some time for a Chiang Mai yoga retreat. Joining a yoga retreat will allow you to improve your health by strengthening your body, learning how to breathe properly, and re-balancing your nervous system. It can also [...]

Chiang Mai Boutique Hotels – Much More Than Just Accommodation

Boutique hotels in Chiang Mai range from ‘sleek and modern’ to ‘cozy and traditional’ all the way to ‘offbeat.’ No matter what the style, you can always expect exceptional service, unique architecture, and stunning interior design. If you appreciate the finer things in life, you will find delight in Chiang Mai boutique hotels since they [...]

Thai Spas in Chiang Mai: Your Perfect Wellness Retreat!

A delightful wellness retreat can give you the relaxation that you deserve, and Thai spas will provide you with indulgent sanctuaries that were created exclusively for your pleasure and well-being. Over the centuries, Thais have developed traditional massage skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, and these massages can be sampled in [...]

Facilities to be expected in a Chiang Mai Villa

The finest villas in Chiang Mai will give you the best opportunity to relax and unwind. Your Chiang Mai villa should be located in a peaceful environment set aside from the stress and hassle of everyday life. You should have wonderful views of the surrounding mountains, landscaped gardens, and exotic flora. They usually include exclusive [...]

Boutique Hotels in Chiang Mai – Attracting Every Segment of Travelers

What’s most exciting about boutique hotels in Chiang Mai is the great variety on offer with a mix of stunning interior designs and highly personalized service. Boutique hotels can range from modern and contemporary to homely or even quirky. Many of the rooms and suites in boutique hotels are individually decorated, often in a themed [...]

Chiang Mai Hotels – From boutique hotels to 5 star resorts

Over the last 20 years or so Chiang Mai has developed from being a backpacker’s-only destination with budget hotels and guesthouses to a tourist hot spot offering a full and exciting range of accommodation. Chiang Mai hotels are now available from basic guesthouse accommodation to full Chiang Mai luxury hotels. You can choose a Chiang [...]

Heading Out for Holidays in Chiang Mai – How About Pool Villas?

Chiang Mai is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking to enjoy some luxury coupled with relaxing views, pampering treatments, and a myriad of outdoor activities. If you are heading there for your holidays, consider booking a pool villa instead of the usual hotel room. Not only are pool villas more luxurious in Chiang [...]

Discover Your Ultimate Travel Destination in Your Private Chiang Mai Luxury Villa

A real Thailand holiday is never complete without a trip to the northern part of the country, where you can stay in a private Chiang Mai luxury villa nestled in a lavish 5-star resort. Perfect for a romantic getaway or a family holiday, a private villa ensures two things that most regular hotel rooms can’t [...]

Renew Your Soul by Visiting a Health Retreat in Chiang Mai

Conclude your epic holiday in Southeast Asia with a relaxing stay at a health retreat in Chiang Mai. The finest 5-star resorts offer wellness facilities including world-class spas, biking and hiking trails in a landscaped estate, tennis courts, and yoga pavilions. There is also a gym with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, saunas, a herbal steam room, [...]

Book Your Vacations with the Best Exotic Thailand Resorts in Chiang Mai

Are you planning a vacation in Northern Thailand? Be sure to book a private villa in one of the best exotic Thailand resorts in Chiang Mai, from where you can discover the gems of this Southeast Asian paradise in complete luxury. There is a particularly wonderful resort in the Mae Rim valley that offers private [...]

Know the 4 Exceptional Benefits of Hatha Yoga

A hatha yoga class can be made gentle or challenging, depending on your needs and preferences. These classes are offered in some of Chiang Mai’s upscale hotels and resorts. Attending a hatha yoga session gives you the opportunity to unwind, release tension, and stretch. It’s a good counterpoint to cardio workouts and a busy lifestyle. [...]

Finding Accommodation in Chiang Mai at a Luxury Villa with Pool

Chiang Mai appeals to people who are looking to spend their holiday in an exotic and memorable destination in Southeast Asia. It is home to a number of upscale hotels and resorts, but for those who seek ultimate privacy and space, nothing beats staying in a luxury villa with a pool. If you’re interested in [...]

Rejuvenate and Recharge with Yoga Retreats in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers visitors a selection of yoga retreats both in smaller studios in the city and also at some of the luxury resorts in the surrounding countryside. Many offer customized yoga retreats with tailor-made programs to suit your requirements. Whichever type of retreat suits you Chiang Mai offers a destination made famous by its [...]

Why a Chiang Mai Thailand Resort Is Better Than a Traditional Vacation

Treat yourself to something a little different with a Chiang Mai Thailand Resort. Chiang Mai boasts several leading resorts but few can compare with the Four Seasons. It is set in a large estate that has been crafted by legendary landscape architect Bill Bensley with an assortment of gardens, lawns, ponds and a working rice [...]

Important Facts to Consider While Booking a Villa with Private Pool in Chiang Mai

Tourists flock to Chiang Mai for a memorable vacation at one of the world’s best holiday destinations. Many choose to stay at resorts which offer a comprehensive selection of facilities and features providing the best possible experience. One of the many requirements is access to a swimming pool. Learn how to choose a resort offering [...]

An Overview of Health Spas in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai offers an assortment of health spas with treatments based on ancient traditions and customs developed over centuries by the people of Northern Thailand. With a natural harvest of fresh herbs and spices and a fresh and abundant supply of mineral rich water from the surrounding mountains, Chiang Mai health spas offer treatments to [...]

Lana Thai Villa Blog Introduction

Welcome to the Lana Thai Villa blog section. We will be adding blogs from time to time to offer news and information about The Lana Thai Villa accommodation at the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. This is a private luxury villa with suites available for rent directly from the owner. We will also provide other [...]

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