Tourists flock to Chiang Mai for a memorable vacation at one of the world’s best holiday destinations. Many choose to stay at resorts which offer a comprehensive selection of facilities and features providing the best possible experience. One of the many requirements is access to a swimming pool. Learn how to choose a resort offering the best pool facilities:

1.      Private pool with access restricted to residents only

A private pool can add a significant level of enjoyment to your holiday. Private pools offer more privacy, better relaxation and are obviously less crowded. Many are exquisitely located amongst lush tropical vegetation which provides a natural habitat to birds and butterflies. They are usually located within just a few steps of your villa suites.

2.      Hygiene and maintenance of the pool

Most private pools are located in the finest resorts and spas where hygiene and cleanliness are expected to be of the highest standard. Often the pools are designed to merge into the local surroundings such as infinity pools. Many are salt pools offering a more natural solution to cleanliness than a cocktail of chemicals. Indeed you can learn a lot about the standards of a villa or resort by observing the quality of the swimming and bathing pools.

3.      Whirlpools and plunge pools

Many of the better resorts provide additional facilities alongside their swimming pools. One such is the provision of whirlpools, either as part of the main swimming area, or set aside from it. Either way you should look for additional bathing facilities than the pool alone. If you are travelling with children then look for children’s bathing and paddling pools. Although visitors to Chiang Mai are often seeking sunshine and warmth there is nothing like the refreshing feeling of diving into a cool plunge pool.

4.      Poolside facilities

The best villas with private pools in Chiang Mai provide plenty of poolside loungers and parasols. Furthermore they tend to be of the best quality and therefore the most comfortable and relaxing. There should be poolside shower facilities and plenty of bathing towels. Naturally you will want a steady supply of snacks and beverages to enjoy.

Visitors to Chiang Mai would do well to pay good attention to the swimming pools and bathing facilities offered when making their choice of resorts with pools. By ensuring that resort possesses and offers the best facilities you will ensure the maximum enjoyment for your group. Some Chiang Mai resorts have private pools with luxury villas and they offer the ultimate in luxury and enjoyment during your vacation.