Going on a retreat in a Chiang Mai yoga resort is one of the best treats that you can give yourself. You will come home transformed after a few days of relaxation and rejuvenation. Joining a yoga retreat lets you take your practice to a higher level. Without the distraction of a busy schedule and your smartphone constantly buzzing, you can truly forget all about the stresses of your life and concentrate on your breathing and poses.  Staying in a Chiang Mai yoga resort lets you pluck yourself out from your ‘real’ life and enjoy a completely luxurious environment close to nature. Each day is a chance to take your practice deeper. The exotic setting and the unhurried pace can truly transform both your body and spirit.

Find an all-inclusive Chiang Mai yoga resort so you can eat healthy throughout your stay. Delicious meals are whipped up by the resort’s renowned chefs using organic local produce. Yoga mats, towels, water—everything is provided. You can choose to join other practitioners in regular classes or request a private session with the resident yogi as you wish.

Another great thing about staying in a Chiang Mai yoga resort is that you get access to a long list of other health and wellness amenities within the grounds. Take a dip in any of the swimming pools and whirlpools. Play a game or two on the tennis courts. You can even take private lessons with the resident tennis coach if you wish. And should you want to be alone, go ahead and take a leisurely walk around the resort’s beautifully landscaped grounds. You can likewise borrow a mountain bike and explore the local trails.

Give yourself a luxurious holiday in a Chiang Mai yoga resort this year. You absolutely deserve it. Sometimes, it’s healthy to unplug from your life, head to an exotic destination, and let yourself relax. Chiang Mai is just the place to do that and provides an unforgettable experience.